Flower Seed Valentines

Yesterday, I finished making Jenna’s Valentine’s for her classroom party. I love the idea of giving flower seed packets instead of candy, so I was pretty excited about these. Jenna also seemed pretty happy with these little boxes, until she saw the Valentine’s I’m making for her brother. More on that later this week when I get done cutting, folding, gluing and filling 21 paper Minecraft treasure boxes.

flower seed valentines: give packets of flower seeds instead of candy for classroom valentines

Open Kitchen Shelving

tips for styling open kitchen shelving

Last week I updated the shelves above our kitchen sink after finally taking down the last of our Christmas decorations. It wasn’t an easy task for me. Since moving into our home, I’ve been collecting images of open shelving for and studying them for inspiration. I can’t recreate any one specific image, so my approach has been to figure out what I like about each display and try to model it with my own belongings, in the context of my own home.

Here are a few tips I’ve found to work for me:

tips for styling open kitchen shelving

Image sources: 1 Neutral Palette / 2 Height + Texture / 3 Simple / 4 Repetition

Decorating With Vintage: A Wish List

Every once in awhile I get the opportunity to wander through an antique mall or flea market all by myself. It’s usually not planned in advance. I see an opportunity – a spare hour or two without the children – and I take it. And because it’s a bit spontaneous, I like to keep a list in my mind of vintage things to be on the lookout for, should I find myself in the presence of so many objects from the past.

Many of the designs currently on my list are inspired by new products showing up in home decor magazines and in my Pinterest feed. Here are a few of the latest items to make the list:

vintage and vintage-inspired designs for the home