Large-Scale Photo Prints

creating large scale engineering printsI’ve always wanted to try printing a photo in a large-scale format. Staples, Office Depot and other print/supply stores will create large, black-and-white engineering prints for under $10. After our big ice storm a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I had the perfect photo to try it out.

I started with this photo that I took while we were sledding in our neighborhood:


I converted it to black and white, bumped up the contrast and cropped it to the print dimensions – 36 x 48 inches.


And after printing it at Staples, I attached it to my office wall using 3M poster strips.


Take One: Christmas Card Photos

christmas card outtakes It’s not even Thanksgiving and I can already check ‘Christmas Cards’ off my list. Am I on a roll this season or what?

I took our Christmas photos early this year, with the idea that we may need to go a few rounds before getting that perfect shot. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but by ‘perfect’ I mean: everyone is smiling, in focus and looking in the general direction of the camera. My expectations have been rather low based on historical evidence (see last year’s outtakes). This year, I’m happy to report that our shoot went fairly well, and we ended up with quite a few adorable shots of this brother and sister duo. I’ll be sharing our cards (selected from the Tiny Prints holiday collection) along with a DIY project for displaying holiday photos on the Tiny Prints blog soon. In the meantime, here are a few outtakes: christmas photo outtakes

Thank you, Tiny Prints, for our gorgeous holiday cards!

Weekend Snapshot

In the exciting news category, we’ve decided to sell our home and move to a new neighborhood. In less exciting news: we spent the weekend de-cluttering, cleaning and moving stuff into a storage space, which left J+J to entertain themselves with boxes and various forms of media. On a related note, I asked the kids what they wanted most in their new home. Among the responses were: a cooking robot, a musical password to open the door, no monsters, and new toys. Hoping they’ll be happy with two out of four …

weekend snapshot: moving

Friday Favorites: VSCO Edition


I didn’t think anything could replace Instagram as my favorite iPhone app, but last week I downloaded VSCO Cam and suddenly I have a brand new hobby. VSCO stands for Visual Supply Co, and in addition to the camera and filters, they offer a beautifully designed online gallery (aka ‘the grid’) for showcasing your photos. And while Instagram will continue to be my go-to app for sharing scenes from everyday life, the VSCO grid will be my spot for posting my most beautiful images – a place to refine my skills and reflect on my craft. Instagram is my life, VSCO is my art.

Each week, VSCO highlights some of the best images uploaded to VSCO grid and other social media. I’ve just started exploring, but here are a few of my favorite photographers so far:

And here is my VSCO grid:

Happy Weekend!